Suye Health Institute - Arusha.

Suye Health Institute


About Us

SUYE HEALTH INSTITUTE is established and registered by BRELA (Reg.No. 71026 of 29/05/2009) to carry out various
health-related activities. Objected to train health workers. Pursuant to this end. 

SUYE HEALTH INSTITUTE has, the National Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training
(NACTVET) has issued Full Registration number REG/HAS/112 on 28/08/2015

In association with Mt. Meru Regional Hosp. , Kaloleni
Hosp., Meru Hospital, and Levolosi Hospital, student are able to practise and train in a medical service area.

Apply for Ord. Diploma in Clinical Medicine, 3 yrs.

A graduate in Certificate of Secondary Education (CSEE) with passes of atleast D in science subjects, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and subject nonreligious subject.

Apply for Upgrading.
NTA Level 6

Applicant with results and confirmed to have completed of NTA Level 5 and 6 in any accredited Health college and wishes to upgrade to NTA Level 6.

Our Facilities

Clinical Laboratory

Provides a wide range of laboratory procedures which aid student to learn how diagnosis, treatment, and management of patients can be done.

Clinical Skiills Laboratory

This dedicated to instruction room with dozens of interactive models and simulators for training and self-study.

Computer Laboratory

A well designed room or space equipped with computers (networked or not) devoted to ready to assist a student to take practice in a well safe manner.