SUYE HEALTH INSTITUTE is a newly established registered by BRELA (Reg.No. 71026 of 29/05/2009) to carry out various health-related activities. Among the many objectives of the institution, training of health workers is a major component. Pursuant to this end, SUYE HEALTH INSTITUTE has opened a Clinical Medicine Training Center (CMTC) at SUYE
in Arusha City.
The National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) has issued Full Registration number REG/HAS/112 on 28/08/2015.


An institution that is committed to produce middle cadre healthcare (PHC) workers who are sufficiently competent i.e knowledgeable and clinically skilled and who are committed to provide services in expected professionalism and ethical standards.


The institution will undertake with diligence to equip students of PHC with the necessary and relevant knowledge and skills so that on graduation they will be competent professionals of high ethical and morals standards.

#Team SUHIA Teaching Staffs

Our teaching staffs are CBET qualified professionals ready to offer a knowledge and guidance to student so a bring up competent professionals of high ethical and moral standards.


News & Events

Basing on Institute Calendar and the CCRP of The Ministry of Health, Community development, Gender, Elders and Children.


Apply for Clinical Officer 2020/21

Apply for clinical officer (ord. diploma in Clinical Medicine), only