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SUYE HEALTH INSTITUTE is a newly established registered by BRELA (Reg.No. 71026 of 29/05/2009) to carry out various health-related activities. Among the many objectives of the institution, training of health workers is a major component. Pursuant to this end, SUYE HEALTH INSTITUTE has opened a Clinical Medicine Training Center (CMTC) at SUYE in Arusha City.

The National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) has issued Full Registration number REG/HAS/112 on 28/08/2015.


Why Choose us


We are the leading institution in the healthcare field, offering comprehensive and transformative education to students. The institute’s tutors are not just educators, but also mentors, innovators, and leaders.

Our Mission


The Institute shall take upon itself to equip its students with necessary knowledge and skills so that upon graduation, they will be competent, ethical, and dependable professionals.

Our Visions


To be centre of EXCELLENCE in production of reputable, knowledgeable, skilled, ethical and dependable HEALTH CARE service providers

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Administration Team



Dr. Dathan E. Mosha
Principal principalSUHIA@gmail.com
Edgar R. Mushi
Deputy Principal (Finance)
Samwel E. Mtui
Deputy Principal (Academic)

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