Apply for Clinical Officer Program.

Qualifications : O - Level pass in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and any other subject except religious one.

Suye Health Institute welcomes any form four graduate with qualification and interest to join a program. Download the following Application Form to be filled at home or Fill the form below and submit after paying. This application form will be received upon payment of 30,000/= tshs.

Nelson Mandela Road,
Suye-Garage, Amina Malya Rd,
Arusha – Tanzania.

  • +255 (0) 766 524 347
  • +255 (0) 784 465 764

Or, get in touch with an admission officer to learn more about joining Suye Health Institute or to get assistance on application issues.


Fill with the correct response and submit |Jaza kwa usahihi na uwasilishe.

Jina lako kamili (Kama ilivyo kwenye cheti)
Index No. ya Kidato cha 4
Mwaka uliohitimu kidato cha 4
Result slip ya kidato cha 4
Index No. ya Kidato cha 6 (kama unayo)
Jina la Shule ya Msingi
Tarehe ya kuzaliwa
Namba ya Simu yako
Barua pepe
Jaza anuani ya posta, Mji / Wilaya na Mkoa ulikotokea.
Unaomba kozi ya
Transcript ya NTA Level 4 & 5
Jina la Mzazi/Mlezi
Namba ya Simu ya Mzazi/Mlezi
Je una ulemavu wowote ?
Je unahitaji huduma ya hostel ?

Make payment of Tshs. 30,000/= to phone no. [ 0784 465 764, GERTRUDE KINGORI ] or [ 0766 524 347, DEOGRATIUS PALLANGYO ] for the application fee. Lipia Tshs. 30,000/= kwenda namba ya simu [ 0784 465 764, GERTRUDE KINGORI ] or [ 0766 524 347, DEOGRATIUS PALLANGYO ] ,malipo ya fomu.

What Students Says

Get inspired, motivated and be the competent Clinical Officer ready to serve in public health sector.