Fees Structure

This can be paid in full or installments.

The fee structure is simple and takes into consideration the people in compromised socioeconomic conditions. It has human face because the institute in its original framework was not meant to be an income generating venture. Rather, it has all the time been meant to be service-oriented venture, and continues to be so. In fact the institute sets aside a few scholarships for the most needy but able. The website provides the structure.

  • Clinical Medicine - Tshs. 1,500,000/=.
  • Clinical Medicine (Upgrading) - Tshs. 1,500,000/=

Payment can be paid full or in installment of the agreement with the administration.


Administration Expenses

  • Registration | Tshs. 30,000/=
  • Identity Card | Tshs. 20,000
  • Medical Treatment | Tshs. 75,000/=
  • Quotient Money | Tshs. 100,000/=
  • Student Government | Tshs. 10,000/=
  • Clinical Skills | Tshs. 100,000/=
  • Technical Lessons | Tshs. 70,000/=
  • Stationery | Tshs. 70,000/=
  • Library | Tshs. 100,000/=
  • Internal Examinations | Tshs. 210,000/=
  • NACTE assurance Fees | Tshs. 15,000/=

All the above make up the Total of Tshs. 800,000/=

Semester I

At the beginning of the semester, the student should come with Tshs. 780,000/- to be registered, and the remaining  Tshs. 370,000/- to pay in the middle of the first term.

Semester II

At the beginning of the second term, the student should come with Tshs. 780,000/- to be registered, and the remaining Tshs. 370,000/- to pay in the middle of the second term.

Bank Account

  • Account Number | 40810003728.


Note: the student should come with Tsh 150,000/- for the national exam at the end of the second term. These funds will be paid on the accounts of the Ministry of health of Social Development, Gender, Children and seniors (WAMJW). The student should come up with this money when he comes to enroll in college.
a) when the money is paid, it is not returned.
b) when you pay, make sure you type a student with a name on 'payin bank slip'.
c) payment for accommodation services (boarding) will be paid in college and not in the bank. This service fee is Tshs. 250,000/ - per year. Food Student Service is independent.
d) * student and medical cards (PSPF, etc.) will be required to pay Tshs. 15,000/- instead of Tshs. 75,000/-.
e) student uniform follows a guide to the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, seniors and children to middle class health students of universities (wax level 4-6)