Apply for clinical officer (ord. diploma in Clinical Medicine), only pass in science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) is needed. Deadline is 31st September 2020, you are welcome.

Application can be done by either visiting our website in the admission page and download the application form, or you may come to our office to get the form and join the program.

Suye Health Institute “Championing the primary health initiative”.

Our Slogan.

After filling the application form, it should be delivered to the office with a payment of 30,000 Tshs. only to be paid to the admission officer. A filled form with no payment will not be processed.

Admission Office Timetable

The admission office is open from Monday to Friday at 08:00 am. – 4:00 pm. Feel free to call us at anytime at anytime during work days.


Welcome and join to be a Clinical Officer