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The Ordinary Diploma in Clinical Medicine is a three years programme, which has been developed to suit the needs of Government’s commitment to improving health care provision, labour market demands, legal and professional needs that exist in our country.

Clinical Medicine NTA Level 5

About this Course


Admission to this NTA level will be open to candidates who have a Basic Technician Certificate in Clinical Medicine (NTA Level 4) from recognized institutions.

  • Structure for NTA Level 5

    NTA Level 5 has a total of forty seven (47) weeks of study in one academic year divided into semester 1 and II. Semester I has 20 weeks for teaching and learning and 2 weeks for examinations and 3 weeks for community field work. Semester II has 20 weeks for teaching and learning and two weeks for examinations. There are five modules in Semester I and six modules in Semester II. NTA Level 5 is meant to build on what was learnt in NTA Level 4 and impart practical skills to enable students gain appropriate exposure and basic concepts in Clinical medicine.

  • Methods of Study

    The programme enhances a broad range of study methods and approaches. These include lecture discussions, tutorials, role play, case study, small group discussions, assignments, practical, demonstration, simulations, laboratory/ attachments, clinical sessions, field attachment, study tours and simple operational research

Principal Outcomes

Student should be able to apply basic knowledge and skills of health promotion and clinical medicine to manage common health conditions at primary health care level.

  • Apply basic knowledge and skills of clinical medicine to manage clients.
  • Apply basic knowledge and skills of clinical medicine to perform procedures to manage clients.
  • Apply basic knowledge and skills of public health to promote health.
  • Apply principles of clinical pharmacology and therapeutics to treat patients
  • CMT05101 | Essentials of Pharmacy Practice and Pharmacology.
  • CMT05102 | Management of Communicable Diseases.
  • CMT05103 | Paediatrics and Child Health I.
  • CMT05104 | Obstetrics and Gynecology I.
  • CMT05105 |Health Promotion.
  • CMT05206 | Counseling.
  • CMT05207 | Reproductive and Child Health.
  • CMT05208 | Obstetrics and Gynecology II.
  • CMT05209 | Surgery.
  • CMT05210 |  Internal Medicine.
  • CMT05211  | Pediatrics and Child Health II

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